Feel Good blogging challenge – All about me

      I am trying something a little different this week, i have joined a blogging challenge for 7 days.  Today it is all about me!  That very rarely happens. So here we go, My name is Carli, i am laid back, but highly strung.  I am funny and loving.  I have three beautiful […]

Mum delivers picture perfect Ruby in a 25 minute labour! – Baby photography

As a newborn photographer my working day involves listening to the amazing miracle of birth stories while I shoot. I’ve heard the good, the bad and the ugly and each story is wonderful and special. Recently I had the pleasure of taking newborn portraits of beautiful baby Ruby who was born at home in Hertford […]

My love my life photography circle – Rainbow

Rainbow Flowers This month the theme for the blog is colours of the rainbow.  We are incredibly lucky to live where we do as we are surrounded by glorious Hertfordshire Countryside.   We were driving up the road when we stumbled upon this gorgeous wildflower meadow.  So of course i got my camera and took […]