Bluebells and Fairy hunting!

What a glorious bluebell display we had this year, we visited the a local park,where I told my daughter that this was where the fairies lived, she quickly embraced this and off we went laughing and running and finding fairies in the bluebells.   We had a fabulous session in St. Albans, hunting for fairies […]

Flower girl duties, Hitchin

My little one Bella, had the privilege of being a flower girl for her Auntie and Uncle at their wedding in Hitchin on May 4th.  Obviously this meant she looked very cute whilst running riot and doing whatever she wanted to do.  Everyone Melted at her whilst i was the only person trying to get […]

Copyright Law, how confusing!

So today myself and a few other professional photographers have been discussing copyright law.  This came about because a client has used a print to make an enlargement of an image and produced a large canvas. Is this right or wrong?? Well this is what I want to explain.             […]