about me

My family is the most important thing in my world.  My Nan is the most amazing person, weekends are filled with visits with grandparents or we go to my parent’s house in Welwyn Garden City. My nan will come over with treats from Waitrose and it really is just a special time. 

I am a perfectionist, I love things to look and feel amazing and give you those warm and fuzzies in your tummy. I am very calm and patient although it seems to be more at work than at home, so my husband tells me lol. I am music mad and I recently fulfilled a dream of mine to see the band Queen with my Dad and we had an amazing time, one to strike off the bucket list.


Gymboree loves local – St. Albans

Gymboree loves local – St. Albans

  Happy valentines day.  I used to think that valentines day was amazing!! When I was 16!! As I grew older I thought it was a commercial load of rubbish, especially if I didn’t get a card!! Now I have a different take on it.  We celebrate Valentine's day...