As a photographer during family photography sessions I often hear, “oh I don’t like myself in that photo”, I would rather just have one for the children”. And yes of course you must have images of your children.  But it is equally important to have images of you all together!! Here is why

Now you may say to me, oh I’ve just had a baby, I need to lose some weight, i don’t photograph well.  Most people LOVE their wedding images where they have had time to condition themselves to posing, losing weight, having a make up artist on hand, its no wonder we adore our wedding imagery. Newborn and family photographs are just as important if not more so.  Now with a good photographer who knows how to use light to flatter you these worries will never be an issue.

This weekend i was put to the test, now remember i am always on the other side of the camera!!!! So when i hosted training as part of my continuing professional development i was asked to bring the children along to have their portraits taken, i was not told i was going to in the images until the day before.

I started to think up all sorts of excuses as to why i couldn’t do i,  – “i’m not good in front of the camera” “i am too nervous” “I look terrible”. I needed to put my feeling to one side for just a little while because i know as a photographer how very important it is to have these images as memories – Now here is the tough bit…….  Most of these memories are not for us, as much as we want to gaze adoringly at our children presented beautifully on our wall the people who will take the most out of our family photographs are the children.  How many times have you looked back in albums and wished you had a photograph of you and your mum, or you and your dad.  Did you ever have one? Can you have one done now? it is never too late! f you do can you remember the smallest details, what did mum smell like when you cuddled in close? what was you wearing? did you and your sibling have fun playing in the park outside the studio?

I was inspired to write this blog by someone whom i adore Sue Bryce is a photographer who photographs women and makes them feel the way they deserve to feel about themselves. Her blog post about this subject is here http://www.inbedwithsue.com/2013/10/17/dont-wait-till-your-perfect-you-will-never-be-perfect-sue-bryce/ and comes with the message don’t wait until your perfect.

Unfortunately life passes by in the blink of an eye and the people we adore most in our lives pass on.  Photographs are the only way of creating memories of a life so important to someone so small at the time, and to be able to pass these images down through the family is ultimately priceless.

I will leave you with some images created by the wonderful Gary Hill, an awesome mentor and photographer, you can find his work at www.gdhphotography.co.uk

P.S guess what? i actually feel overwhelmingly proud that i did this for my children. look at these people i have created, mums are amazing!!! celebrate how amazing you are.

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