Do I have to book in advance?

If you wish to guarantee your session with me then yes please…I get busy very quickly, but I don’t want to turn you away so please contact me and I will try my best to accommodate you.

Ideally, your Newborn session should be booked just after your 20 week scan.

At what age is best for a newborn session?

Your new baby will be very sleepy between feeds and to allow them to be handled safely, they have lots of soft cartilage between their bones. This means your newborn will easily move into those beautiful curled up poses you see in my portfolio. Often, when carefully placed in my wraps and props, your baby will relax into the foetal position. How amazing is it to be able to capture that?!

As your baby grows and develops they will spend less time asleep between feeds, and they will be gradually ‘uncurling’. Usually by the time they are 3 or 4 weeks old, the newborn phase has passed. For this reason I suggest our portrait session takes place when your baby is between 4 and 10 days old.

Will you be handling my baby?

Yes, l will be cuddling, soothing and posing your baby the entire session, handing him/her back to you if l feel they need you. The posing l will be doing involves me moving your baby safely and gently at all times. You can be rest assured though, they will be safe and happy at all times.  I am a member of The Baby and Newborn Photography Association, which promotes safety and awareness in the Newborn Photography Industry. At any point in the session you are free of course, to ask me to hand him/her back.

Do I need to bring anything?

Yes please. Bring enough for extra feeds, and your usual nappy supply. Your baby will need to feed more often than normal. Other than that l have everything l need. Do let me know if you have your own prop ideas….its your session, so l’d love to see what you have in mind, and if possible, give it a try for you.

What happens if my baby cries and won’t sleep?

This is normal for at least some of the session. Each session involves settling baby when you arrive, and sometimes this takes 2 minutes, and sometimes it takes longer. Your baby is likely to wake and need a top up feed too, and I’ll just pop the kettle on while you feed. I may even get the cookies out.

What happens if my baby makes a mess on your things?

This is so normal, I’m amazed when it DOESN’T happen. All my throws are washed, and yes, l go through a lot of stain remover. Babies pee and poop when they need to, and so l am used to it.

Is your studio safe?

Yes is the simple answer. Your baby’s safety is my top priority. Nothing will be done to put your baby at risk at any time. The images you see where baby is in a tub are done using clever editing techniques (called composites) to avoid putting your baby in harms way. Some set ups and poses will involve you or your partner supporting baby to keep baby safe.

Will you use a dummy?

On very rare occasions I will use a soother with parents permission.  Some babies are fine being moved around and I am highly trained in settling and soothing your baby.  Some babies benefit from a little extra comfort, using a soother. Using one for a few seconds just while l pose will not cause any confusion in feeding, but if you really are against the idea, do let me know.

Can I bring my other children to the session?

I LOVE doing the sibling shots, and I’m sure you’d love them too….so, if you would like to do this, let me know. We can arrange for your other children to stay just long enough to have their photographs done with your new baby, so that they do not become bored or restless, there is a park very nearby if Dad wants some timeout too.

Can we do the session in the afternoon?

No. Your baby is more settled in the morning, so will usually then sleep better. Ideally baby should be sleepy to pose, so if you bring them in the afternoon when he has been sleeping for hours, this maybe more difficult. There is also a difference in the fat content of the milk in the morning meaning they stay full for longer, allowing us to achieve those gorgeous sleepy poses.

Why does the session take so long?

The session is very calm, slow, gentle and laid back. We work at baby’s pace…so the session involves lots of quiet gentle soothing to get the best results. Rushing the session would not work, and l will take as long as it needs. For this reason, please try to avoid making any other appointments that day. Clock watching creates stress, and stress will scupper the session. You only get once chance to create these images.

Can I ask for a certain pose or setup?

You can ask to use any prop you see in the studio…that’s the beauty of you coming to me…… its all here for you to choose from. When it comes to requesting poses, like for example, using a container it’s not quite that simple. Not all babies are suitable for these shots. l will judge if your baby would be happy to try these poses on the day, but his safety comes first.

My baby is now too old for a newborn session, what do you suggest?

Babies grow and change so quickly, don’t worry if your baby is now past the newborn stage, we can capture their cute little smiles, chubby little cheeks, and really start to see their character develop. We have a special babies first year package where we capture all of their most important developmental stages, Around 4 months is a great age for the next stage in your babies portraits. 8 months when your baby will just about be at the sitting stage for super cute images!  At a year we do a full session with portraits full of their little characters, and a cake smash if you would like one, we even finish with a little bath.

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