Bailie & Belle photography was born when, after having my third child, a beautiful baby girl, i got quite seriously ill.  I had no energy, my  organs were shutting down and i ended up bedridden for 18 months of my life.  I’m not even old, what was going on inside me?  Well after i had Bella i needed a blood transfusion, it wasn’t great and I didn’t FEEL right when i was having it, kind of a strange feeling having something from another person you have never met pumped into your body so you can live. However, i had this nagging feeling that this wasn’t going to do me as much good as i hoped, sure i didn’t die, but i really wasn’t very well afterwards.  Three months after Bella was born i contracted swine flu, my system was hit hard and i crashed and burned, i was bedridden for eighteen months.  During that time i went to see lots of different doctors, and none of them had any clue what was wrong with me.  I was eventually diagnosed with ME. a multi system problem, that noone can treat.

I had no idea how to get out of this, there was no magic pill i could take, no therapy, not even radiotherapy could cure this disease.  I did however find the most amazing naturopath, who helped me get better through nutrition.  I love my food, but food choices have a lot to do with our daily health and longterm health and, sadly, this is not looked into in conventional medicine.

Anyway, now i was starting to feel a bit better, i went to college, to regain some skills with my camera, I LOVED photography, i have thousands of images around my house of my three children.  It is so meaningful, have you ever been up into you parents loft and found a box of old photos, have you found out that you are the spitting image of your great grandmother you have never even met? how you have the same hobbies as your relatives? There are some things that nothing but a photo can give you, so i followed this passion and went to college, whilst at college i started taking more and more images of friend and families children. There is something magical about children, the innocence, their amazing little personalities!  I was finding i could capture these in an image and i started to take this really seriously.

Now since 2009 i have taken many many course, i have attended business training, safety training coming out of my ears, and i offered this special photography to people and their children, which was amazing, then i stumbled upon newborn photography, i don’t even know how or where, but i was hooked i watched films about it, i went to newborn photography training.  It meant i could use my skills from when i was in childcare and obviously my mummy skills,  more importantly i was capturing the newness of these babies. You know that time when it’s all a bit of a blur, just after you have had your baby and by the time your back in the land of the living, your little one is about three months old and all you have are a couple of snaps of their tiny little toes, or maybe they had a little hairy ear, or some special feature, that just disappeared.

I could give those memories to mum and dad – forever! That’s pretty amazing.

I have sourced the most beautiful products to provide heirloom quality handcrafted products to fit with my brand, this combined with the very special newborn photo-shoot provides an amazing experience for the parents, and that baby can pass down those images to his/her own children.  Or hang them in their own home when they are old enough.  I LOVE IT! can it get any better tun this.

Sure there are ups and downs, babies pee and poop a lot, mostly on me and this is an occupational hazard, however i have to say that i rarely notice now and it happens and i clear it up.  all gone nothing more to see here!

I cannot imagine doing anything more fulfilling than this.  It is amazing to meet  all the parents and babies and see how they grow during their first year sessions, i truly am blessed.


Carli x