St. Albans Photographer


I am trying something a little different this week, i have joined a blogging challenge for 7 days.  Today it is all about me!  That very rarely happens.

So here we go, My name is Carli, i am laid back, but highly strung.  I am funny and loving.  I have three beautiful children and a gorgeous husband (how lucky am I?)

I live in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, in my free time i love to go on walks with the dog, especially at this time of year, I LOVE all the autumn colours.

My favourite thing about myself is my vision, I am a very visual person and i can see things visually normally before other people.  Want help redecorating your home, give me a call, haha, however this does help me with my job – a lot!

I started blogging because it is a great way of showing off my work, i get to work with the cutest clients ever! most are under two weeks old, although most come back for visits when they are 4 months up to 1 year where we have a little party hehe.

My blog is great for the parents of the babies i take photos of, it is also good for potential customers to see how a session turns out, i really want it to be a fabulous resource to show outtakes and what generally happens when you come into the studio.  It’s pretty magic in there, especially in the middle of a newborn shoot.  Baby is sound asleep and parents are chilled out on the sofa, lovely stuff.

So lately i have been working really hard on my website and studio, the studio has just been renovated! Its so much more cosy and a better working environment.  My website is just lovely, i love how it looks and feels now and I am really proud of myself for what i have created, hopefully it will allow clients to have a greater idea of what i do and what i can do for them.

I hope that people can see how beautiful and treasured these blog posts really are, especially the baby ones, the babies don’t stay little for long at all, and a newborn session really is the most amazing experience.


Carli xx