UP THE DUFFEL, why choose a pre-packed hospital bag?

When it comes to packing that hospital bag, it can either be a fun pre-baby task where you prepare

everything you think you will want or it can be an uncertain venture where you worry about exactly what

you do and don’t need, whether your bag will be big enough and if you’ve left it too late to get everything


I went through all of the above, I had read plenty of baby magazine “what to pack” articles, googled endless

hospital bag checklists, and pretty much packed every item I could into as small a bag as I was able to

(because I didn’t want to look like I’d packed too much). Most of this was all just out of excitement and

anticipation, a bit like packing for a holiday I suppose, I was hoping for a water birth and even packed bikini

bottoms… Whilst I toyed between which brand of wipes to pack, I wondered why pre-packed hospital bags

weren’t already a major player in the expectant mummy world. Baby showers (until relatively recently) were

more of an American tradition, but they are becoming more common in the UK and so surely a bag lovingly

packed with all sorts of divine ‘treat versions’ of the everyday essentials you need for a newborn would

already be in high demand?

It’s obviously fun to pack for your new arrival, nobody would disagree with that, but wouldn’t it be even more

exciting to receive a hamper style gift hospital bag? In those final few weeks before baby comes along,

there is a lot to plan and prepare both physically and mentally. For many it can be a daunting, but undeniably

exciting time. As much as I loved trawling the internet and popping in and out of organic health shops for

the best products to pack in my own hospital bag I can’t lie, it would have been amazing if I could have

bought a bag that had done all of that for me. There’s nothing like it when you know you have invested in

something, whether it’s for yourself or as a gift, that has been tried and tested and everything inside has

been carefully scrutinised in order to ensure the best version of that product makes it to the customer.

The products in Up The Duffel bags have been chosen by me because I found them to be the best for both

myself and my baby. I then weighed them up against the reality of buying these items on weekly/monthly

basis and it still all stacked up for me. Let’s take the nappies for example… arguably they’re already an

expensive necessity but most brands out there contain harsh chemicals which can take around 500 years

to break down. The nappies I chose for my bags make an effort to counteract your typical nappy. They don’t

contain any nasty chemicals and they’re bio-degradable. For me it was worth spending a little more in order

to look after my baby and her future environment. A small price to pay.

Many of my bags will have been purchased as gifts and therefore the products inside will not necessarily

be seen as ongoing purchases for the recipient mummy, but I hope that it encourages her to consider the

items inside and question whether she might continue to buy them. Perhaps seeking to explore other

product options in order to make a quality change to her and her baby’s life. The maternity pads for example,

are natural and organic, and although they are a short-term necessity, why not look after yourself to the

very best of your ability?

So why could an Up The Duffel bag be a better choice than packing your own hospital bag? Well, they

contain carefully selected products, direct from one mother to another, which have been tried and tested

against other leading brands, the products wherever possible are environmentally conscious, the bag only

contains the essentials (leaving plenty of room to pack all of your own belongings), it makes a fantastic gift

and, crucially, it takes the uncertainty out of packing everything yourself. To find out more about the bags

check out our Instagram @uptheduffel or visit our website www.uptheduffel.com