Rainbow Flowers

This month the theme for the blog is colours of the rainbow.  We are incredibly lucky to live where we do as we are surrounded by glorious Hertfordshire Countryside.   We were driving up the road when we stumbled upon this gorgeous wildflower meadow.  So of course i got my camera and took some images of the children playing.   There really is nothing more special than these moments in life, i am privileged to be able to capture them and hang them on my walls to remember forever, when the children are grown up and for them to take to their own houses when they have their own children.  It is one of the reasons I love my job, to be able to capture the most important moments in life and preserve them for people really is an honour. Outdoor photoshoot St. AlbansOutdoor photoshoot Harpenden   It really is the most amazing wildflower field, if you are looking for a photographer to capture some very special moments, please do give me a call on 07962 536933 or email bailieandbellephotography@gmail.com


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