Well, it’s actually pretty fun, remember dressing up when you were a little girl?  it is a bit like that.  Some of my clients like to go and get their hair done or makeup applied beforehand and that makes the session even more special.

The studio is quietly tucked away in a little village outside St Albans so you can sneak in and out without anyone noticing.

When you come into the studio we will have a good chat about what you want from the session, some want their bumps showing, some want nude images, some just want casual images in their jeans or a mix of all of them, it is totally up to you.  I do have some beautiful maternity dresses which you can use for your session which look amazing on everybody!

Then we get cracking, it is usual to feel a little awkward but once you get used to it, it’s really really fun, we go through poses and make sure your well hydrated and start to take some photographs of your gorgeous shape, I have to say I think pregnancy is the best that women look, it is so natural and gorgeous and I love capturing that for you and for your baby to be!!

Next, we decide what you want to do with the photos and I can take them and start editing them for that purpose.

It really is as simple as that.

So why do it? Maternity sessions are not for everyone, but you don’t need to be a certain shape or size to have one, I would hate to think that you missed out on your photo shoot just because you don’t look like someone out of vogue (who does!) please remember that I have had extensive training and know how to pose you to in very flattering ways, how to light you so you look your best and how to make you feel comfortable.

The best part is that you have these images to pass down to your baby when they are old enough, so they can look and say, oh I was in there and show their own children. It is precious!

So there is nothing to worry about, right? well if you have any questions just give me a call, I love a good chat, especially about pregnancy and babies.  I have three of my own. Carli x