Exciting new blog!


So i have joined a lovely group of ladies, who are blogging about their life each month to give a bit more personality to their businesses or their hobbies.

The idea is that we can show you some of our work that is different to what we shoot for business and give you a little hint into our lives.


This month i have photographed my lovely babies, in the studio, whilst the girls are more than happy to pose for me, my son who is ten is not as happy. Although they do get nice treats afterwards 🙂

My Bella is four, she is out to get the world and has very appropriately dressed up as batgirl in some of these shots, she had me in absolute stitches.


I hope you enjoy these photos and something a little bit different from me today.

Beautiful Images St. Albans


Please go and see my friend Evy’s blog http://byevy-photography.blogspot.no/2014/02/my-love-my-life-212-winter-glory.html She has some beautiful work x