So this year a group of fellow photographers and i have agreed to do two things –

1. Is to blog every month, something personal.

2. Is for that blog to be linked to a personal photography project.

This means that not only do you get to know about some personal things going on with me and my family, but i get to shoot for myself also.

This month has been tricky, there is a lot going on and with the theme of song verses, there was a big selection of songs in my mind, i started out with Birdy – Skinny love but i decided not to go with that.

One day this song popped into my head, my daughter is 14 and going through some tough times at the moment, this song came onto the radio and as one of my all time favourites it just fit.

So my song is a Coldplay song called Yellow, the specific lyric that i have chosen is –

“look at the stars, look how they shine for you”

isn’t it funny how words written by someone else can make your heart go ping when your going through something, good or bad and resonate with you forever after, remember that moment, just as you would if you relived it through a treasured image?

Anyway this goes out to my beautiful daughter, the kindest, strongest most loving human being i have ever had the pleasure to know or in fact to be able to love.

Family photographer St. Albans

To follow along with the others please follow the link to the wonderful Cass Davies Photography. her work is absolutely stunning.


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