The Importance of prints

I can still remember when I was younger and sitting with my grandparents, looking through old albums and asking all kinds of questions about where they were and lived and different holidays and people.

In fact, even a few weeks ago when I went to visit my Nan, there was a picture on the side in a frame of two people I didn’t recognise, turns out it was my Nan and Grandad at a prom about a week after they first started dating and I didn’t recognise them.

At home, we have a beautiful multi frame of when I was pregnant with my other little two playing around or giving their ‘not yet born’ sister a kiss and 11 year later, it still makes me smile and we still talk about the experience and how fun it was. 


In a world where millions of photos get taken every day, don’t let the ones that are important to get swallowed up on a ‘camera roll’ to then be backed up somewhere and never seen or even left on a usb to only be shared on Facebook.

Did you know that 1.2 trillion photographs were taken last year.  Would you even know where your images are or how to access them?

I pride myself on selling quality products with digital images, everyone wants the digitals, but a lot of the time they just sit in a drawer somewhere, with one or two printed,  these are essentially your digital negatives.  Do you still have negatives of your photos before digital came along,  or just the beautifully printed images displayed somewhere. 

Now I am not going to tell you that all of my images are beautifully finished professionally printed products in my home, because they just aren’t.  I have random frames images of me and my Nan in mounted prints on the side but they are special.  They fill me with joy and love and sometimes sadness.  All those things we take for granted in our busy everyday life, you can just stop and take in.  everyday, every single day for the rest of your life and then your Childrens lives.

Printing these images and having them up on your home not only reminds you and your family of an incredible time but also brings up lots of conversations and is proven to build confidence and happiness in the home.

This is why we invest in the best products for you and your family to continually bring happiness from your pregnancy (kids love to see these), your newborn, your sitter and family sessions to keep the memories alive forever

My wonderful friend Emma at Capture the Light Photography is a Newborn photographer in Milton Keynes

She has written a blog about about how to tell if your photographer is a professional. Go and check it out  https://capturethelightphoto.co.uk/newborn-safety/



    Couldn’t agree more!

  2. Selina

    Love this, what’s the point in buying the digitals if they’re only going to sit in a drawer, gathering cyber dust?! Get those digitals printed and up on those walls 🙂

  3. Tianna

    This was such a valuable read, thank you for sharing it. Photos should live on walls, not hidden on USBs in draws.

  4. Jill

    100% agree with this! Print your images!!

    • Nicole

      Totally agree

  5. Emma Sohl

    I love that you have so many beautiful images on display in your home, and you help to create images for others, too!

  6. mya

    Yes!! We are living in such a digital era that we forget about printing!! What a lovely read

  7. Hannah Willis

    So so important! Don’t leave them on a USB!!

    • Lauren

      I did this with my wedding photos, took 2 years to get them printed off the USB as life took over. Now if I go to a photographer I order the prints with them so I know they go up x

  8. Amy

    Love this! I definitely need to print more of my own too!

  9. Joanne

    I’m guilty of this – really need to get more ill art up

  10. Jay Saunders

    100% agree!
    that big family image is just lovely!

  11. Natalie Moss

    Love this. Its true, so many people forget to print their images and they get left on a usb in the drawer. Its lovely to see pictures up on the wall in your home to enjoy them.

  12. Lisa

    I love to buy framed prints. All the hard work is done for me and I just have to pop it on the wall

  13. louise

    This is so right, thanks for the reminder

  14. Kathryn Hill

    Couldn’t agree more, I love having photos up on the wall. Everyone comments when they visit the house!

  15. Sarah Osborne

    I definitely need to print more, thanks for sharing x

  16. Kirsty

    What a beautiful blog <3

  17. marie myers

    I need to print more of my family photos out! Wonderful blog, thank you

  18. Brooke

    100% agree with this! So important to get beautiful prints


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