Every parent loves those cute curled up little poses we see everyone posting a few weeks after having their baby, they are becoming a ‘must have’ item for every new parent.

But before booking in for your newborn shoot, what should you know??

Here are a few things that are useful to find out about your newborn photographer before making the decision to trust them with your little bundle of joy!

Is the Newborn Photographer fully trained and insured??

If they are there should be no problem giving out this information. If anything were to happen you should make sure they have the necessary insurances.

I have had extensive training and have photographed over 500 babies in the 7 years I have been doing this.  I undertake training in safe newborn posing every year, last year I qualified with the Master Photographers Association in Newborn Safety and I am very proud to be the 4th in the country and 4th in Hertfordshire to do this.  I am also one of only a handful of UK photographers to be a BANPAS Ambassador, an association for Newborn photographers. I hold full insurance for your peace of mind.

How much experience do they have?

Unfortunately with the photography industry being unregulated, literally anyone can pick up a camera and start photographing people. Newborns are very different, you will want to make sure they have had training in how to safely pose and handle your little angel.

I have been a Newborn photographer for 7 years, I was always the cousin babysitting in the evenings and weekends, I used to work in childcare and I have three beautiful children of my own.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions!  We all hate picking up the phone, but the best way to get an understanding is to ask questions. ‘How long have you been a Newborn Photographer?’ ‘What is your experience’? ‘How do you get this image?’

This is the one person that will handle your baby nearly as much as your midwife so it important that you feel safe and trust them.

Finally, once you have chosen your photographer, relax and enjoy the experience, a qualified newborn photographer is safe and will provide you with a lovely relaxing experience.

Carli x