A typical Newborn session is always booked in advance of mum’s due date.  This is a much more relaxing situation for mum as she knows she has a confirmed session and can sit back in her maternity leave glory and eat whatever she likes.  We will discuss her wishes for the shoot and I give her some instructions on what to do next, basically –

  • Relax
  • Go have baby
  • Get dad to let me know when baby is here.

After that we set the session date, this is always dependant on how mum and baby are doing and is never rushed.  I have enough experience to be able to get a Newborn session with a three week old if I need too.

On the day of the session.  There are always instructions beforehand, not many mind you just little prep guide that helps mum and dad to understand what will happen.  Most of the time baby needs feeding before we start and so Mum and Dad will enjoy their first hot cup of tea or coffee since baby arrived.

Colours and setups are discussed beforehand to match in with your home’s style and colours something that you could easily add into your home and put on the wall to compliment it. When the session begins I always talk mum and dad through it.  I always watch for baby’s colour and breathing to get an idea of their ‘normal’ this is important to note if any changes occur during the session.

The studio is always kept at a toasty 24 degrees which is perfect for a newborn baby who cannot yet regulate his/her temperature and will be partially naked during the shoot.  Mum and dad love a chat during the session and usually a nap! haha, who can blame them,  the studio chairs are particularly comfortbable for that reason. It is your chance to sit back and relax, let me do the work.  Obviously if your more interested you can watch me work or read a lovely magazine if you so wish.

I will go through a flow of poses that your little one would have been in during their time in your tummy and will always be watching for signs of sleep stage, hunger or anything like belly ache that might need a little bit of attention.  It really is as simple as that.  As a Newborn photographer of nearly ten years I have seen nearly every type of issue that newborns seems to have, so nothing is a surprise to me and is easily worked with.

Once baby’s photos are done, we move onto parents shots these can be more inconspicuous to show size of baby only or a beautiful family photograph of all of you together. One to treasure.  I will move and position you into poses which show the connection between all of you and that keeps baby safe in your arms.

When the session is finished we chat a little more about your wishes for the images and off you go with an appointment to come back in a couple of weeks for your viewing.

Newborn photography isn’t something to be worried about, if you are ever in doubt of anything have a chat with your photographer, anyone that is experienced and insured will have no hesitations to put your mind at rest, or do things a little differently.

Carli x

Ooh by the way please pop by and have a look at my good friend Clare’s blog about when to book your newborn session. Clare is based in Sidcup, Kent and is extremely good at Newborn photography http://www.clarelongphotography.com/blog/newborn-photography-when-to-book-my-session?fbclid=IwAR3RgBph5wPmvXQu-Bae4g6I-U6IDHlFqaQjtWhs3lFtNq_OR10nlWS0_k0







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